The Epitome of A Room With a View

This was my first shot at mobile technology….17 years ago. I decided to pull the plug from the traditional office and using the best technology for that time, I took the leap and made it work. I visualized what I would be doing and knew I was going to have to learn the skills and figure out the technology to make it work…and I did. I started an internet retail company and at that time, I only had two competitors in my industry. Boy, have things changed.

I took off (literally) in my airplane and went on a fly-about (the aerial version of a walk-about) and flew all over the states working from wherever I happened to be sitting. Since I love wilderness and nature, that was often from remote back-country airstrips.

Although I had one of the early versions of a cell phone, these locations had no cellular access or power source. Careful planning helped me prepare for that and I brought a Globalstar Satellite Phone which had attachments that allowed me get basic text emails and respond. When you run an internet company, you MUST have an internet connection. The minutes were VERY expensive then, so I would download everything which took a few minutes, shut it off, write the responses and send all of them at once. It worked seamlessly and I use the same, but updated, system today.

Shown below, I used a battery powered by a small solar panel with a 12-Volt plug and inverter, but all it took was two days of no sun and as my batteries were drained which left me with just a few items that used traditional A or D cell batteries. So today, I’ve changed my power source.

During my travels, I remember sitting on a remote beach and a fellow who was hiking by said to me “You need to learn to leave your work at the office”. I had become so mobile and oblivious to the concept of a traditional four-walled office, that his comment confused me. I immediately responded “I am at my office.” He walked away grumbling since he was as confused with my answer and I was with his comment.

One of the keys to working in this way is discipline. Every day, I would set aside the time needed to communicate with customers or the distributor. And as is shown above, no place is sacred when it comes to getting the job done. After doing this for three consecutive years, I realized that I had lost the concept of walls designating an office space.

Sixteen years later, I have all new technology with a revised set-up for camping in remote locations (whether I fly in or drive in) and am creating the new system for my travel trailer. As a noted gear reviewer and social influencer, I have shared my stories with fans since I started and today that is increasingly important. That means that a power source and communications are mandatory.

About five years ago, I switched from my solar panels to a Honda EU1000i generator. It is quiet, lightweight and very fuel efficient. Since some locations don’t allow generators, I will still use some form of solar panels, but for what I do, solar panels along simply cannot keep up with the requirements. I am now proud to be partnered with Honda and just for the record, I did not seek out Honda’s sponsorship. A key Honda marketing person heard about me, and unbeknownst to me, attended one of my lectures at an airshow (EAA Airventure) where I was touting about my switch from solar to reliable power and how much I loved my generator. The relationship started there, and I am proud to say that we have been partnered ever since. For my travel trailer adventure, I will be bringing a Honda EU2200i generator and showing it’s capabilities in videos and blogs.       

I still use a Globalstar Satellite phone which I consider one of the most important pieces of gear I own. I have saved lives using this phone and I’ll go deeper into that as I add to this story. Shown below is my original sat phone from 2003 with the new smaller version on the right. A am adding links to everything soon with discount codes for purchase. Email me if you’re interested in a specific item.

I’ve travel solo for most of my adventures, and Globalstar products (along with a few other items) help me stay prepared for the unknown. And when you see selfies…I am using a tripod. I am currently updating my filming equipment to include a DJI OSMO and Mavic 2.

SpotX (below) is the newest messaging system which is updated with a keypad which means that you can provide more than an “I’m OK or I’m not OK” response AND you can even text to social media channels! More important, if there is a problem, you can specify it and request the exact type of assistance you need. I can tell you from experience…that is priceless.


The next step up is the SatFi2. This turns your phone into a full blogging machine when off the grid. I will write more about this in upcoming blogs and posts. I use these products and don’t just talk about them. My adventures are often high-risk, but the truth is, all adventures are high-risk if something goes wrong and you cannot communicate quickly enough to save a life. It’s that simple.

I have MUCH more to share and will be adding to this page in the coming weeks. I have a motorized bike which is amazing and can cruise along at close to 30 MPH. It also pedals effortlessly without the motor, so the best of both worlds. I bring along an inflatable boat with a Honda BF 2.3 outboard motor AND the modifications I’ve done to my travel trailer will blow you away. I will share those soon as well.
Here is a sneak peek of my Miniflex Boat and Honda BF 2.3 motor.

If you have any specific recommendations of gear that has proven to work well for you, please email the information to me and I'll check it out. I REALLY appreciate your feedback and I get some of my best gear recommendations from YOU!