Ramona’s motivational philosophy is based on overcoming significant challenges early in life.  Realizing that every moment is precious, she encourages her audiences to pursue their passions and live their dreams.

A multi-faceted speaker, Ramona gives presentations on the fun of flying, wilderness flying safety, adventure travel and personal development motivational speeches. Using aviation terminology as a metaphor, she guides her audience into the exploration of their deepest fears, particularly those that keep us from pursuing goals and turning ordinary lives into extraordinary ones. Her adventurous lifestyle has taught her how to break through barriers and overcome fears. Keeping a video and written journal of her many adventures has enabled her to develop a personal development strategy that goes to the heart of what we all desire to achieve--true happiness.

As a young girl of six, Ramona’s parents divorced leaving she and her brother to be the caretakers of their mother who developed cancer. As her caretaker during two mastectomies, chemotherapy and the removal of a lung, Ramona learned what it truly meant to be responsible and at the same time, she was beginning to understand the delicate nature of life.

After her mother’s passing four years later, she made a promise to herself that she would live every moment of every day to the fullest.  That she has done and encourages both children and adults  to do the same.







In her soon-to-be-published book, she takes the reader through the important steps of how to grasp life’s lessons and turn them into advanced personal development strategies. Ramona has made some unique and remarkable discoveries about the psychological connection between our desire to be bold, adventurous and fully functional human beings and the barriers against that realization that fear has constructed since childhood.

Ramona has been featured on Time Warner Cable, CNN, and in numerous newspaper and magazines. She was a featured winner of America Online’s “Most Interesting Member” and was selected as “Pilot of the Month” by Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association in the December 2012 issue. She is a Board Member of the Aero Club of Southern California, and in tribute to her late mother, has raised thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society and Redondo Beach Wellness Community.

Her client list includes Chamber of Commerce and aviation organizations, community groups, men and women’s groups and she has given motivational presentations at all levels. She also brings inspiration and motivation to young children to pursue their dreams and passions. She is uniquely qualified through combining her life experiences with her adventures as a wilderness pilot to bring to her audiences a powerful and engaging message.


 For more information or booking availability contact Ramona Cox at ramona@skychick.com