World-class adventurer, Ramona Cox, was definitely born with the spirit to fly.
A proficient and highly skilled pilot (aka SkyChick), Ramona is best known for her three-month solo flying adventures into some of the most remote and challenging wilderness airstrips in North America.

While dodging bears and mountain lions, she armed herself with camera equipment to be able to share with her audiences a journey of a lifetime. Her father, an avid pilot, was her greatest inspiration and spurred Ramona’s passion for adventure and exploration. Adventure flying became the perfect medium that allowed her to literally soar in pursuit of her dreams. Now she turns to inspiring others in pursing and achieving theirs.

Her background is rich in adventure sports and learning to overcome challenges. She became an accomplished ski racer, scuba diver and underwater videographer filming unusual sea life including schooling hammerheads in Costa Rica, whale sharks in the Galapagos and giant mantas in Micronesia. As an accomplished pilot, Ramona is one of few civilian female pilots qualified to fly in a tight (Blue Angels) style formation.

Ramona is a Board Member of the Aero Club of Southern California, an organization that supports aviation/aerospace education through their scholarship program. She shot and produced a DVD entitled “An Aviator’s Tour of China” and has been featured on Time Warner Cable, CNN, America Online and in numerous newspapers and magazines. In tribute to her late mother, Ramona has raised thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society and Redondo Beach Wellness Community. She has recently been selected “Pilot of the Month” in the Nov/Dec 2012 issue of AOPA Magazine.

True to her nature, Ramona’s work captures another of her passions--aviation history. She is the West Coast Sales Manager for MotoArt (, the El Segundo, California company that designs and fabricates high-quality custom corporate and home furniture made from vintage airplane parts. In essence, this unique company saves aviation history by recycling aircraft parts and turning them into furniture, which is not only functional, but also a work of art.

With every step of Ramona’s over 20-year career, she has proven that by pursuing one’s passions fearlessly and overcoming our biggest fears, journeys of discovery and adventure are possible. As a professional speaker and motivator, Ramona shares that experience, using her adventures as a metaphor to illustrate that with perseverance, courage and tenacity we can overcome the challenges of daily life. Most importantly, discovery and adventure are possible both in our external world and in the innermost depths of our souls.