And the next exciting event begins….

For the next six months, 13 states and 6500 miles, I’m excited to shift from the skies to the road which is what inspired the Skyway to Highway Sweepstakes. Having partnered with Honda five years ago as an ambassador of general aviation, we’ve added the RV and outdoor sports communities to my ambassador role and as a 16-year gear reviewer, I can’t wait to get started on this amazing adventure!

I’ll be trading my wings for a highly-modified travel trailer and off-road vehicle. Along the route I’ll be sharing fascinating locations, events, people and experiences, both on and off the grid, with you, my friends and fans. The sweepstakes will last until the end of September 2019; however, I will likely travel for a year or at least until I’m inspired to land somewhere for an extended period of time.

Using all of my skills as an author, speaker, filmmaker, and adventurer, I’ll share the experiences with you via blogs, vlogs, exciting videos and a second book which is in the works. I promise to deliver a very unique perspective by combining my new ground-based photos and videos with a lifetime of birds-eye footage of the same locations shot from the cockpit of my aircraft. Together, we will explore the tallest pine covered mountain peaks and vast stretches of bone-dry crimson deserts from 10,000 feet, along with the macro view of a spider’s delicate web dripping with tiny spheres of early morning dew amidst nature’s wondrous canvas.

The RV world is very new to me, so I will be seeking the advice of my RV peers and sharing with them the tips I’ve learned from successes and failures during the past sixteen years of hard-core air-camping where mistakes can be lethal. Despite my RV newbieness, I’m anxious to share some totally unique and useful modifications that have been made to my rig that even full-time RV’ers have never seen before and are raving about!

Part of the excitement of this trip will be presenting 11 highly desirable prizes, which I personally hand-picked, for the RVing, fishing, boating, camping, hiking, and off-roading communities. I also made sure to cover the armchair adventurer who prefers a spa experience or luxury faux fur to swatting mosquitoes. Honda equipment (generators and outboard motors) has saved my life in locations with no roads, services or 911, so I am particularly excited to have a Honda EU2200i to give away to one of the 11 lucky winners.

Looking for a speaker? I will STILL be attending my aviation events (EAA Airventure - July in WI), and stopping at airports along my route to swap stories with fellow pilots, but my arrival will be via highway instead of skyway! I will also be available for motivational talks where I use adventure as a metaphor for overcoming the obstacles in life. If interested in a Skychick talk or seminar, please contact me with information regarding your event.

While some might ask a solo female traveler…aren’t you scared? I’ve learned from experience that courage, tenacity and the right equipment can help anyone overcome the biggest challenges regardless of size, ethnicity or gender! So, I hope you will follow along and have some laughs as I share my adventures, mishaps, perils, and thrills and be sure to enter to win!