The Underwater World is nothing short of Magical

Scuba diving is among my deepest passions. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to dive and shoot video on some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. I am most at peace when underwater. If a Genie were to grant me any personal wish, I would wish for gills. The weightless environment, the spectacular array of colors and forms, the changes in the light from day to night and abundant variety of sea life make the underwater world one of the most fascinating exploration grounds on the planet.

Night diving is particularly interesting. Similar to rock climbing, it forces you to focus on a small area. When you descend into the blackness of a vast ocean, your full attention is directed to the small beam of light that emanates from your flashlight. Nighttime is when the most amazing creatures come out of their hiding places and entertain you with their territorial dance. If learning to scuba dive has always been one of your dreams...just do it. I am confident that the experience will change your life.

 If visiting Palau, I consider Jelly Fish Lake and the Dolphin Reserve as "must sees".

Both are memorable experiences. I was on a live-aboard "Big Blue Explorer" which was fantastic.

The accommodations, dive site selection and boat crew were as good as it gets.


 I truly believe that no one should leave this planet without exploring the underwater world.