Burningman – The Ultimate Desert Party


Burning Man is a gathering of creative people that occurs every Labor Day. The event is held in the middle of a desolate dry lake bed in the Blackrock Desert of Nevada. Despite the ticket price of $400+, attendance in 2015 will be around 60,000+ people from all over the world.  Fifteen years ago, my first visit to Burning Man, there were only 10,000 people...so the event continues to grow.

The Blackrock Desert is a very harsh environment and landing requires skills other than those normally used at a paved city runway.

You may have heard rumors or seen news coverage regarding Burningman. As was expressed in Newsweek, the attendees range from hippies to traditional professionals and highly successful entrepreneurs. Burningman offers a banquet of entertainment from which you can choose. Everything and anything is there...somewhere. So it is up to YOU to decide that which you wish to view or participate. There is beauty, innocence and naughtiness from which to choose. You can be absolutely guaranteed that not one nanosecond will pass without seeing something in the form or art or costuming that will completely blow you away. The level of creativity at this event is off the scale!!!

As a fun-loving free-spirit with the mindset of live and let live, Burningman is always on my calendar. If you do attend, PLEASE participate and wear a costume. You will have MUCH more fun and there is nothing worse than showing up in boring clothing and looking like a gawker because Burningman is NOT a spectator sport.

Check out the photos below to see some of the artwork and happenings at the airport.

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