Reds Wallows Horse Ranch Airport


Reds Wallowa Horse Ranch Airport is a private airport located 17 miles southwest of Enterprise in Wallowa County, Oregon, USA.

The airstrip is deep in a canyon, so if you are not accustomed to mountain flying, you may find it a little unnerving. As always, be aware of the potential for strong turbulence with up and downdrafts as you descend into the canyon on your approach. You actually fly OVER the Minam airstrip to line up for Red’s, depending on which direction you approach. So it’s smart to fly overhead, check out both airstrips and announce your intentions.

I consider Red’s Wallowa to be the most beautiful airstrip in of all of Oregon. No, I haven’t visited all of them, but I can’t imagine it getting any more beautiful and I think you’ll find that my photos will validate that opinion. Imagine lush green grass with a path that leads to the Minam river which is located within the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Most of the rivers 39 miles is designated as “wild and scenic”, which means catch and release with only flies and artificial lures is permitted.

Red’s provides the best of both worlds. If you want to camp, you can do so on the airstrip. If not, you can take a short hike over to the Minam Lodge (which also has i’s own airstrip) and enjoy the amenities of a freshly refurbished lodge. It wasn’t yet opened when I visited July 2012, but it may be open by now.

Red’s Wallowa airfield has a lot of history since the lodge and outbuildings (which now house the forestry volunteers) were once a secret playground for the rich and famous. The main building is somewhat of a museum of Red’s colorful past. I’ll be adding some of that history to this page soon.