Elk City – ID

Talk about a dog-legged airport, this one takes the cake and if you are a hunter or fisherman, Elk City is nirvana.

The runway is rather long as back-country airstrips go...2600 feet. So there is plenty of room to land, even if you just use the straight part. After landing, I back-taxied to the end to where the airport manager, Curtis Jones, has a beautiful runway home. As I walked up, Curtis said... "Skychick"! Turns out that we had met when I was air-camping at Cavanaugh Bay, ID.  Small world.  Being the epitome of a perfect airport manager/host, he showed my friend and I around his place and drove us to the little hotel which was about a block away.  Across from the hotel was the town bar and restaurant. We had landed at Elk City with a mission...to be continued.