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With 12 years of hard core Air-Camping experience, Ramona Cox, aka SkyChick, will take you on a memorable journey into some of the most remote and pristine back-country airstrips in the western states.
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As a sales executive for MotoArt, I have been able to combine both, my passion and profession. MotoArt saves aviation history by recycling aircraft parts which they turn into functional furniture used in corporate offices, homes and hangars.
As I sit at my office desk, a perfectly restored rudder from a B-25 Bomber, I feel a wonderful connection knowing that my brother flew B-25’s while serving in the Air Force and wonder…"Could this have been one of the aircraft he flew"?
New MotoArt Skybar - YouTube

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OR Adv2 315 - Copy
I could hear it growling from a mile away…

I could hear it growling from a mile away… Comes with air-conditioning. Great view with the door off!


5 Adventure Jobs Women Make Look Totally Easy

Forget choose your own adventure books. Now, you can choose your own adventure career!

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